Cloud Computing – Cheaper for the Corporation

Silicon Alley Insider has very quickly become one of my top 10 daily reads. Almost everybody on this planet has an opinion about Microsoft courting Yahoo! and Henry Blodget is no different. What’s the most interesting to me is – The problem is the way Microsoft has always framed the “cloud computing” transition: paid desktop […]

Watch out for Book 2.0

There is a tiny revolution coming about in the ‘i-still-love-print’ industry. There are a bunch of things happening at the same time and its very exciting. Finally, there’s a mainstream product that you can think about getting your loved ones without thinking about providing customer support for life (for free) – the Kindle Two startups […]

Oh Yeah – OoVoO

There’s a lot of buzz about a new beta release today from Israeli startup Oovoo – Free calls to landlines and mobiles in the USA and Canada till March 1, 2008. Features – Six person video conferencing & chatting Record calls Call long distance (free for 3 more weeks) Find & add friends File transfers […]