Run your Community

I almost feel embarassed to say that I did not know about Matthew Haughey of Metafilter, till I stumbled across his blog – It’s newly launched but if the quality of the content is any indication, its definitely here to stay. He obviously has enough experience running a successful community (46,000+ users at Metafilter, running since 1999) and shares some of his tips with the rest of us. Here’s an excerpt:

  1. Take emotions out of decisions
  2. Talk like a human, not a robot
  3. Give people something they can be proud of
  4. Bring users in during community decisions
  5. Moderation is a full-time job
  6. Metrics spread the work out
  7. Guidelines not rules

Macnerds Win with Parallels 3.0

I have used VMWare a bunch of times with Linux and found it to be too much of a burden to give up dual booting. I just found out about Parallels Desktop 3.0 and its what I wish I had years ago. Now with OSX ported to run on Intel chips, this is the cherry on top. This would be a real killer deal if Apple shipped this stock instead of Bootcamp. And even in their new Apple Outlet machines. Better late than never!

  • Cross OS File & App Integration (part of SmartSelect)
  • Shared Folders (Coherence 2.0)
  • OpenGL & DirectX Support (run Quake 4 if you want/can)
Thoughts Web Mania & CBS

Om Malik has a very interesting post over at GigaOm regarding the acquisition by the old media behemoth – CBS:

 It is a community of like-minded (or same taste) music lovers that continues to grow. To distort a cliché, let a billion radio stations boom. CBS could start making money with the obvious business of selling music, but the real thrill would be if CBS takes this (to use another cliché) wisdom of crowds, and turned it into a tool for programming its on-the-air play lists.