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iPhone @ WWDC – Why are they not loving it?

I don’t get why the world is not in love with the iPhone even more. Yeah I know, that’s almost impossible. But what is this outrage over no SDK? It takes Web Apps and AJAX apps. Waitaminnit –
We can write our own apps on our favorite phone.
Such apps are crazy easier to write compared to all traditional apps. And I can get what I want on my phone. Sure, I wont write everything that I will crave. But, there are thousands of experienced coders out there who will. Its going to be awesome. Imagine Greasemonkey gone ape crazy on the iPhone. I can’t browsing Flickr without the Auto-Pagination and Instant Zoom scripts buzzing smoothly on Firefox. I can’t stop thinking about what all we can do on that beautiful little screen.
Let’s just get over the fact that Jobs & Co have not kept this awesome device locked up only for the hardcore coders. That is big news! B-I-G!



Sorry for the big lag in posts, been moving for the past week.  Somehow each move holds change, and promises so much. Always good to change. We all need to change to be relevant. Once, we stop trying to be relevant to ourselves, our world, our families and friends, I don’t know what else remains.

Thoughts Web Mania

Cutting Costs is Key – Here's how

Dario D’Onofrio guest blogs over at today, sharing some of his experience with the rest of us. Every business on this planet has two golden rules – Cut costs & Higher profits. No matter how big you get or how small you start, you always have to know how and where to cut costs. I was fortunate enough to have a great mentor who taught me how to bite the bullet, even at time I didn’t want to. For the rest of the readers who aren’t as lucky, Dario’s post gives you a lot of fodder for thought. Here are 11 ways a startup can think of cutting costs:

  1. Look into projects according to your background
  2. Ask your family/friends to comment on your project
  3. Observe your competition before spending money
  4. Keep your ideas secret
  5. Negotiate with suppliers
  6. Don’t tell media what you are doing in the first stage
  7. Be flexible
  8. Spend more time thinking than doing
  9. Be ready to give up when everything goes wrong
  10. Run a blog to keep in touch with users
  11. Don’t hire, outsource instead