A Note to the Indian Traveller

Hello You,
You know who you are – the angry young, old man and woman. You, who’s always in a rush to get into the airport, to breathe down my neck till I move aside and let you go. You, who throws your luggage onto the security scanner and runs around and look into the darkness of the machine as if you were searching for your mate in the abyss of life. Please tell me why do you need to stand next to me when I am checking in, with your tickets pulled out and yelling on your phone as if your life depended on it. Is there an ‘An Amazing Race’ episode being filmed that I am not aware of?
Why do you never smile? Why are you never thankful or regretful? Why do you deserve to get everything before everyone else and without any gratitude for the hostess? Are you the reason that Indian Airlines has given up on hospitality? Are you the reason Jet Airways charges more for making sure their people are paid well enough to pretend to care?
Do you ever take the time out to enjoy your travels? The plane will take-off when it’s meant to and will land when it should (for the most part). If you get your bags ready and cell phones humming your latest gratuitous downloads, do you believe we will get to disembark any quicker? Maybe all of us will get out of your way cause you seem to believe you are more important than us mere mortals. Maybe if you push a little bit more we will retreat to our Gandhian roots and selflessly retreat to our seats. Maybe your luggage will get it’s own conveyor belt and we will cheer you on your way to a record-breaking exit.
I know that I will applaud the departure of this depraved indifference to your co-passengers and people in general. I like to believe that we all want friendlier flights.
Hey you, o roamer of the Indian skies, please chill the fuck out.


Future – Past & Present

I just discovered posts from my old blog – and it was surreal. It was an impromptu trip down memory lane with some positive revelations. Reading through it I realized I haven’t changed much. The outlook that I had back in 2003 seems to be consistent. I am still excited by the unforeseen and at many levels I still feel like an outsider trying to carve my own niche, though the circumstances defining these realizations have markedly progressed.
It was nice to read lost thoughts on the future that is now part of my past, I feel happier about the present future outlook.


What does a good Ruby on Rails programmer in India desire?

I have been trying to hire my first full-time Ruby on Rails programmer in India and the experience has been disappointing. I recently posted this article here on the Bangalore Ruby Users Group:

Hello People
I am new here – India Web 2.0 scene and Bangalore RUG, been trying to
get a grasp on the landscape here – How is the work environment for
web startups and the ecosystem around it. Its been really great so far
from almost all aspects. The energy is infectious, the market wide
open and a lot of cool development happening.

But I am having a hard time figuring out the talent pool here. For the
most part, people don’t really care about what we or other startups
are doing. RoR Coders that we have met so far don’t start off with
asking about what we are doing or using or innovating on. The first
question happens to be ‘what are you offering?’ and we are always
taken aback. On top of that, why are Indian coders working for Indian
companies talking to an Indian entrepreneur quoting hourly rates in

I get the economics of demand and supply. But is there no
rationalization and no interest in creating something cool out of
India? If nothing else, then talking about that before the
conversation gravitates to Rs. (oops $) and loses all enthusiasm.
Almost all startup founders I spoke to warned me about the talent pool
and the shortage of quality committed creative coders, but I am still
kinda shell shocked. We are willing to pay top Rs. and maybe more if
the guy/girl is right, but is that all that matters here? Please tell
me there’s hope for startups who want people who love their code and
can do more than figure out which is their next project.

I would love to hear back from everybody on here.