‘The waves of thoughts and emotions that you experience in life’ is the literal translation of the word from Sanskrit. It is the information that you acquire daily before you assimilate it into knowledge or Jnana*.
I went through a number of thoughts and ideas myself, before I wrote this piece. How should I write my first article? Should it be funny or practical? Technical or straight-forward? Should it talk about how this site came about or what it aims for the future or both? Do people really need my introduction? Cause the last time I read a web-article I really didn’t care about the author. Is it even about me or about them?
About them being cooped up in the library for six hours wanting to scream out about the atrocities of the prejudiced professor. About being the daughter of a loving yet obsessive father who knows the lines ‘in my days, we never …’ only too well. About being denied entry to the land of your dreams because your mother brought you up to know the God you know. Or maybe about the fact that that they are so bored with porn, gossip and mail that they will do any .com?
What is it about? What is it all about? I know I speak for at least one of you when I ask that question. The all-important question to answer in our lives. Theories have been devised, science has been utilized and lives have been spent on these words. What the heck is it all about? Love or money, me or us, collecting or sharing? To begin or to end? I dont know. If you are on the internet browsing my site, odds are that you dont either.
For most of us that only fuels our drive to know, to find out, to be on top of things. And we arent alone. How many times have you asked a question, thinking you are the only idiot in class who doesnt know and as it turns out, you arent ?
Neither Vritti (.net) nor I pretend to answer those questions for you. What I want to achieve in the course of this site’s lifetime, is to be able to provide an environment without shackles which bind us to commercial reality, one which denounces the biases of east and west and the laws of corporate dictators. A multi-faceted medium to host honest opinions and showcase skills of no ‘commercial’ value.
Let’s see what is beyond the cameras, the make-up and the flashy lights. Let’s be more than we have been told we can be. Let’s know more about this gift called earth. Let’s take the red pill.
*Sanskrit for knowledge.