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Hackintosh 2020

It has been many years since I got some free time to tinker around with hardware outside of work and I had been looking to catch up with the Hackintosh scene. I got a week off at the beginning of the year and I finally got around to doing a new build.

The community has come a long way, thanks to some great work by the hardware/software vendors and the tinkerers all around. It seems the Mac Pro project helped the community with a bunch of compatibility issues. Even considered building a Ryzentosh with an AMD CPU and a Radeon GPU with Opencore or Clover using the Vanilla guide.

However, after looking around for a while I found a really well done-project – Hac-Mini by osy86. He took the Intel Hades Canyon NUC8i7HVK and built a super simple plug-n-play Hackintosh release. A 3.1 GHz i7 8th generation quad-core CPU + 4gb Radeon Vega M GPU in a really tiny package, with consistent software patches and an active community behind it – sold!


  1. Get the NUC8i7HVK
  2. Get an used DW1820A wifi/bluetooth card (8PKF4 model)
  3. RAM (16gb x 2 )
  4. M.2 NVME (Intel 660p 1tb 80mm and another 512gb 42mm)
  5. Install the RAM/M2/Wifi card in the NUC
  6. Download macOS Catalina
  7. Create Catalina USB installer on a 16gb usb drive
  8. Download the latest Hac-Mini package (v.2.5 at this time)
  9. Run Hac-Mini package on the USB installer
  10. Select ‘Patch OSX Installer’ and ‘DW1820A driver’ in ‘Customize’
  11. Complete the USB installer creation
  12. Boot up the NUC
  13. Customise BIOS settings
  14. Reboot the NUC from the USB drive
  15. Finish macOS Catalina installation
  16. Reboot automatically and almost all the drivers will be patched automagically
  17. Boot into a fresh install of macOS Catalina
  18. Run the ‘Thunderbolt patcher’ app
  19. Done.


  • Use the Thunderbolt 3 port with an external GPU enclosure + latest Radeon graphics card to improve your gameplay or photo/video apps render time
  • Razer Core X Chroma egpu enclosure with Thunderbolt 3
  • AMD Radeon Pulse RX 5700 XT 8gb GDDR6 PCIe graphics card
  • Patch with ‘Thunderbolt patcher’ app if you want Mac support for plug-n-play Thunderbolt 3 support (don’t patch if you want to use the TB3 enclosure in Windows)


  • Everything works!
  • GPU acceleration
  • Multiple displays (six 4K displays max)
  • 5K display
  • Ethernet (both ports)
  • Analog Audio (both ports, no headsets)
  • Digital Audio
  • Microphone (both stereo mics)
  • HDMI/DP audio
  • USB A ports
  • USB C ports
  • TB3 ports (including hotplug)
  • SD card slot
  • CPU power management
  • Sleep/Resume
  • Wifi/BT (using DW1820A card)
  • Installation, updates, App Store
  • eGPU accelerated games/apps
  • iMessage, iCloud, Siri, iTunes, other services
  • FileVault2, APFS, Time Machine, SSD TRIM
  • Metal, GPU accelerated applications
  • Parallels/VMWare, other VM software
  • Handoff, Continuity, Universal Clipboard, Apple Watch unlock (using DW1820A card)



Knowing when

Sometimes its hard to know when to call it a day.
Other times, not so much.

Down for today.
Alive to fight another day.