Easy Choices

Easy Choices

As a founder, you will hear a lot about the difficult choices you have to make; how each crossroad will require soul-searching for the right step forward. Most of those stories are true. But it’s not all bad – as you go about building stuff, some choices are going to be no-brainers!
These questions are different for each of us. It depends on your unique blend of talent, conviction and constitution. Some folks will find it easy to select the first channel of distribution or the first feature or the first investor or whatever else. However easy you may have found the choice, you may be surprised by the consequences.
These seemingly easy choices tend to have a high degree of cognitive biases and may leave you unprepared for the results. It may have been an easy decision to take that first cheque from an unknown investor, but you will have to deal with this person for a very long time. That feature you thought was super important may turn out to be a timesucking lemon.
Some choices you are prepared for and for some you need to do more work. Never underestimate the impact of these easy choices, the value of due diligence and the power of hard work.

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