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Watch out for Book 2.0

There is a tiny revolution coming about in the ‘i-still-love-print’ industry. There are a bunch of things happening at the same time and its very exciting. Finally, there’s a mainstream product that you can think about getting your loved ones without thinking about providing customer support for life (for free) – the Kindle Two startups are now trying to replicate the experience of reading a book, flipping those pages in your high brow manner – Issuu and by Amazon. It hit the ground running and Big man Bezos had to concede publicly that demand was outpacing supply. So that’s e-text in your e-ink stained not-so-e hands.Now two startups are trying to replicate the experience of reading a book and callously flipping those pages in that high brow manner we all love so much – Issuu and BookGlutton.Both are handling a different niche. Issuu is more artsy and focused on design and magazines. BookGlutton seems like it’s grown up brother where you can join groups who are reading things you like or books from the public domain. Both allow you to publish or upload your own works as well and create community level tagging, access and all that good stuff. What I am curious about is how would the individual creators benefit beyond creative and convenient distribution. Monetization and copyright control are key issues in my mind and somebody still has to solve that problem.Here’s a video on how BookGlutton works –
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Here’s an embedded version of ‘The Global Indian Magazine’ from Issuu (which I found to be a bit cumbersome) – Update – I removed this cause it seemed to break my blog.

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