Oh Yeah – OoVoO

There’s a lot of buzz about a new beta release today from Israeli startup Oovoo – Free calls to landlines and mobiles in the USA and Canada till March 1, 2008.
Features –

  • Six person video conferencing & chatting
  • Record calls
  • Call long distance (free for 3 more weeks)
  • Find & add friends
  • File transfers
  • Sidebar view (Vista)

The most interesting of their experiments is My Oovoo Day With… which gets the top bloggers to interact with their audience beyond their blogs posts and comments. Beginning on Feb 10, this week long experiment will be something that I am looking out for.
Apparently, this is a Windows only release, but Mac users rejoice – I found this link for a beta alpha download for OS X (though I haven’t tested it on my 2.2ghz santa rosa). Also, check out the Mac Forums at Oovoo.
Update – Thanks to Scott, I now have the beta version for Mac as well. Check out MyOoVooDay.
Update – Turns out that even the beta version doesn’t have the free calling, that’s PC only. Sucks.

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