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Paradigm Shift in Hosted Blogs – just upped the bar for blog platforms. They did it once when SixApart dropped the ball with Movable Type years ago and I, for one, have never looked back. They rule as far as open source blogging platforms go and basically are a really solid CMS. But now that they have gone beyond the call of duty and given us a free 3gb hosted solution, its a very compelling argument to switch. It’s not just about the technology (a debate in which WordPress is the clear winner for the majority of us), but about a real rich online experience. Post all sorts of media and host files for your community without paying up those hard-to-find benjamins. Unless Blogger and SixApart come back with enough ammo, they will be left behind, google’s support notwithstanding. Besides, their software simply rocks. Phenomenal support, great development and a dedicated community.
I wish I owned some equity shares in Automattic right about now.

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