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iPhone @ WWDC – Why are they not loving it?

I don’t get why the world is not in love with the iPhone even more. Yeah I know, that’s almost impossible. But what is this outrage over no SDK? It takes Web Apps and AJAX apps. Waitaminnit –
We can write our own apps on our favorite phone.
Such apps are crazy easier to write compared to all traditional apps. And I can get what I want on my phone. Sure, I wont write everything that I will crave. But, there are thousands of experienced coders out there who will. Its going to be awesome. Imagine Greasemonkey gone ape crazy on the iPhone. I can’t browsing Flickr without the Auto-Pagination and Instant Zoom scripts buzzing smoothly on Firefox. I can’t stop thinking about what all we can do on that beautiful little screen.
Let’s just get over the fact that Jobs & Co have not kept this awesome device locked up only for the hardcore coders. That is big news! B-I-G!

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It’s not big news because after we were told that the iPhone Safari had the “full web”, we sort of assumed that AJAX would be fine.
The outrage is over being told that you won’t be able to build full-fledged applications. Applications that can choose whether to rotate with the screen or not. Applications that can access the iPhone address book. Applications that can create and store files on the iPhone’s memory. Applications that can even access these files in the first place. Applications that can be accessed in the same way as Safari, through the phone menu.
No new media players, no light versions of Office (Open or MS), no games that can store your high scores or progress on the phone, no new web browsers.

I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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