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FeedBurner's $100 million arranged marriage with Google

Its official – Feedburner just got Googled. Read about it on Burning Questions – CEO Dick Costolo’s blog as well; Techcrunch estimates the deal to be worth around $100 million.
This is a good move. Feedburner is a great service and with enough traction in the business, so only good things can come from this. Better marketing campaigns management with RSS feeds, more control to the bloggers. What more could we want, right?
Go Go Google!

One reply on “FeedBurner's $100 million arranged marriage with Google”

What more could we want, right?

Well, it depends. If the AdSense displayed in the feeds has the same relevancy issues as the AdSense for Domains does, then personally I think that there is plenty more that we could want, like fixing what’s broken before expanding the market. That’s just me though. 🙂

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