20 Hour Work Week by 2015

Web Worker Daily talks about a Prentice report which talks about an interesting possibility for the future employee. The quality of life will become a greater aspect of how people approach employment and work. Using latest technologies, tele-commuting to work and working for less hours more productively – 20 hours per week. For a long time, people have been conjecturing about the benefits of working in your pajyamas in a virtual office and just getting things done. But, to put it in perspective of hours and minutes, I find it fascinating to know how HR will deal with possibly more number of workers putting in lesser hours but more productive ones.
On the worker side of things, the reality of living in a combined computing environment will make it harder (?) to draw the line between work and personal. This will mean more control for the average worker and that will necessitate further innovation. Networking, connectivity, data compatibility will be just a small percentage of business opportunities that should open up.

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