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Yuvi + Engadget = Analyze This

Yuvi Panda, a 16 year old 12th grader in Chennai, India just did some fantastic site stats anaylsis for one of my favorite sites – Engadget.
Some really interesting stuff stood out:

25 comments in the first 3 months
2,900 = most # of  comments on one post which was not a giveaway
16,000 = most # of comments on one post for a giveaway
615,212 = total comments
24 posts a day on average
~ 28,000 total posts

You can get Yuvi to analyse your site traffic data and growth statistics for some really low $$$. He just got dugg, so I am sure he needs the extra bandwith from a new, more reliable host. Email him at

2 replies on “Yuvi + Engadget = Analyze This”

Thanks dude!
And btw, the most number of comments is for an article giving away a Zune, and it had 16 THOUSAND comments 😀
The 2900 was for posts which were not giveaways(there were quite a few)

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