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XBMC vs. AppleTV

There’s a big community that popped up around AppleTV even before the product came out. Then came the hacks almost instantaneously. Even I found myself checking the forums 5 times a day. People have ported apps, games, rss readers and what not onto the little device that could. People can open it up and install a new hard disk, but the last time I checked nobody has been able to mod it without cracking it open yet. Why did Apple not make it better? Sure, they are coming around to it by making ‘enhancements available for download’ sometime in the future. Who cares?
XBMC or Xbox Media Centre is the best out there. I have an original XBOX in my living room with the latest version of XBMC running smoothly. I can play every single media file known to man, stream it from the network or the internet, use plugins to interface with almost every well-known website and much more. Why has this software not been ported for mainstream use yet? Why have smaller hardware makers not embraced it for use on their proprietary machines? I recently heard about the Team XBMC hiring Linux developers for the same purpose. Wonder what can we expect to come out of this? Only good, I bet.

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