There has been a lot of talk about Lifestreams in the recent months. There are a bunch of services out there that can handle this, like Jaiku and iStalkr even sites like Tumblr can handle all the various feeds from different sites and show them on your tumblr blog. People are doing things with Yahoo! Pipes and posting the single rss feed into their Facebook profiles and what not.
There is a lot of talk whether your facebook status, twitter updates, blog posts, comments, diggs, faves, flickr photos and everything else out there should be consolidated into one page.  Its not that we do not do these things online or leave our online crumbs for somebody to follow, already. It’s just putting all this together isn’t something that appeals to the paranoid. This is the same bunch of people who threw a fit when Google Mail or gmail (as we have come to love it now) launched and declared that they would be placing contextual ads by indexing our mails.
For the rest of us, who are with it – check out Lifestream Blog.

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