This photo was taken in Toronto on Queen’s Quay next to my old condominium place. There were a bunch of swans next to Second Cup and my son was just enamored by these beautiful birds. I obviously busted out my Pentax K100D and got snapping. Somehow, I did not even want to put this photo in the post-processing queue in my favorite RAW + HDR softwares. But I did.
I didn’t even like this outcome so much, but my best friend did. I didn’t think the photo was that special, but I put it up on Flickr anyway. I was surprised by how many people saw it, favorited it and commented on it.
The choices we try to make, we try to rationalize all our options and go for what we like best. But somehow in the end, things always feel out of our hands. I don’t know if I can fully admit to believing in a grand plan, but one thing I am sure of is that all the choices are not ours.

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