Heads Up

My Backyard
One of the coolest things I like about photography is that it makes me walk with my eyes sharp and head up. Otherwise I find myself pacing to my next destination single-minded and making sure that I don’t trip on anything. With a camera in my hand, I try to keep on top of what’s in front of me as well around me. What if I walk by something and end up missing a good photo-op?
That’s what happened with this photo. Its taken at the base of the CN Tower on Bremner Boulevard, Toronto. Its ‘my backyard’, as it were. I walk through these everyday but never noticed how red they look in the evening with the neon glow from the Rogers Centre and some street signage. Just got my SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 Manual Lens & Maha C-9000 Charger with 4 2700mah batteries. So my Pentax K100D ‘starter’ kit is finally complete (dont use the stock 18-55mm lens as much).

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