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Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

Tonight Bill Gates showed up at the Daily Show with John Stewart. This is definitely one of my top 3 shows. Who doesn’t love the whole Gates saga, right? Sure Gates doesn’t have the fanatic fandom of the head honcho of Apple, Inc. but he is no slouch in either the marketing department or a staggering product lineup. Whether it was Windows 3.1, 95, 98, (lets forget ME), XP and now Vista; Windows Mobile that has evidently licked Palm; Xbox that by it’s second version has (in my humble opinion) shown up the previous front-runner (Sony Blu-ray toting what?!); I wish I had more love for Zimbra, but its all about Exchange as far as I am concerned; and not even going to mention the Might Office. The list doesn’t end.
I remember seeing Gates launch the original Xbox at Times Square NYC, followed by the crazy mid-desert launch of 360. His coming out on the Daily Show with Stewart is another example that isn’t an old dog that can’t learn. Gates being whoever he is (and he isn’t the devil) does what he has to for his products. Sure, I now have a Mac (cause I love Aperture and Adobe Lightroom sucks) and my past 3 recommendations to friends buying new laptops/desktops has been OS X (Macbook and Mac Minis rock!). But I swear by their products, at least the ones I use, and somehow I imagine stat-to-stat Jobs wishes he was in Gates’ league.

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