Krrish by Rakesh Roshan starring his son Hrithik turned out to be an interesting movie. By most standards of cinema (desi and videshi) it was disappointing technically and commercially. However, it seemed to have the potential of a franchise. The story of the budding hero seems to have scope, but it does draw from a bunch of the other comic book giants out there. Krrish’s tale of triumph resonates most with our good ol’ neighbourhood Spiderman. The lone caring grandmother, the promise of good, the need to hide the identity; in terms of superhuman powers he seems at par with Spidey as well – strength and agility but no flight. They made good (in the movie) with the archnemisis. Naseerudding Shah played Dr.Arya (yes, another mad scientist) out for global domination albeit with an Indian flavor – foreseeing the future.
Obviously, the concepts of this movie were drawn up by papa and beta Roshan while sharing a Blue Label. You can almost hear them slurring with “And then he will build a computer that will be better than all jyotshis (fortunetellers) combined…’hick’…”. They didn’t work enough on the physics on the hero’s movements and let the wire stunts get carried away. I wish people with access to resources like the Roshans should invest in technical consultants and not just pujaris for their mahurats. In any case, this movie is a small leap for mankind and giant step for Indian Cinema. I hope companies like the ones behind Matrix and animation studios like Pixar wake up, realize the mass market hungry for their business and smell the South Indian coffee.

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