New Life, Old Things

Its 3:37 am and it suddenly hits you that you had it all wrong. You were looking in the wrong place. What you had to look for was right in front of you all along. But you never noticed it cause it was right under your nose all this while, the things you own are never noticed are they? You goto bed thinking I need to change that and find something that actually hits home, that works, that is worth my time and you try doing that for as long as you can. You do with all your might.
It just doesn’t work. It never does. Things fall back to the same pattern, they always do and you find yourself in a rut. But the fun part about this is that now you know what’s really out there, what the real deal is. Then you look down and you see it; find gold under all the dust that is your life. You know it as soon as you see it. It’s what you need and it has been there all along. Glad I found it. Karsh is still the King.

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