Commonality of our Specialities

Another one of my recent realizations or something that I had realized a while ago but am coming to terms with only now.
We all grow up thinking that we are special, that what we do and who we are makes a difference, that theres a reason for everything we do and a reason for all that we think is to be done. Most of us even go through life with the same belief without ever questioning it, as shocking as that maybe (only to myself, perhaps).
But in this huge world of ours, everybody is doing something special, everbody is busy, everybody is on the verge of the next big thing (in their relative worlds), everybody is upto something. Why are we all busy? Some people I know are so obsessed with looking busy that even when they have been chillin for two to three hours all they can talk about is how busy they are and how much work they are dying under. Gay as it may seem its a common habit. And surprisingly so.
We spend more time organizing ourselves and readying ourselves for work than actually working towards our goals and dreams. We spend more time writing stuff like what I am writing and bitching about wasting time than actually taking the next step in life.
It is in times like these that I recall some of the teachings of hindu philosophy. One of the primary objectives of studying hindu scriptures and teachings is to realize that the spirit within is supreme and unsurpassable. Hindu as it maybe, this principle is applicable universally and I am sure other religions maintain this thought in some other perverted form. Have we all lost sight of this truth? Why is it that most of the people who speak of stuff like the stuff I am speaking of commit the atrocities that I commit?
I want to achieve balance within myself. I want to read Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha about this guy who is discouraged about being unable to find the path to nirvana caught up in the world of superficiality. Maybe I will learn something. I want to stop running, I want to stop chasing, I want to stop trying to be and Just BE.

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