Work, under pressure

Its true that some people perform better under pressure. Surprisingly, I think I belong to that clan. For the past two weeks I have been caught up with one thing or the other, but time and again I found myself thinking about something random to keep my mind calm or just take a break.
In the midst of all this confusion around me, I have come up with 3 wicked ideas. I am sure if I could write about them, you would think the same. Well, thats not to say I wont bring them up.
Numero Uno: Off late I have been realizing the vanity of designer wear (if this is the proper usage). I personally buy ‘designer’ wear, or at least what I can humbly afford, primarily cause they are comfortable and they last longer. Well, that’s my experience with them. But a good number of people I know buy them not cause they like the clothes but cause they like the flashy sign plastered all over the clothes. Now, thats nuts. It is by far the best system of marketing I have seen.
We pay them to display their wares. The subtle stuff most of us can let go, but some of these clothes are friggin ugly. So unlike one of those morons who just keep yakking, I have decided to do something about this.
I am going to take 5 of each – pants, tees, shirts, jeans, shorts, whatever and color in the visible label with whatever to hide it and cut off the hidden label as well. This is not to change the world or anything, but simply a test for myself – to measure how truthful I am to myself. If it works, then I can rest assure that I have not lost myself in this mayajal (superficial world).
I will be posting photos of these clothes real soon, so keep looking.
The other two ideas I cant post right away. There’s a lot of work involved, but once I have something substantial in hand, you guys will be the first to know.
Let me know what you think of this idea. I am not pretending on doing something universally applicable or anything, but I do know that I am moving one step towards saying NO to following the herd.

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