Red Roads

I recently got to do some serious driving through the state of Karnataka which got me cutting through the Deccan plateau. There are a chunk of roads which are simply red all over, from the tarmac to the street signs to the trees and greenery all around. I wish I had stopped and taken more photos of all of them.

Karsh Kale @ The Blue Bar

My fifth time seeing karsh kale live and second in India.
He finally got some of his trademark Indian classical mixes going at this moment.
Taken at The Blue Bar, Bangalore.


I happen to be in Chennai a lot and have never really thought of driving down. But recently found myself with the urge to explore Indian highways (only civilzation point A -> B for now, thank you very much) and got into my car at 5 am.
360 kms in ~3.5 hours. The drive upto Chennai was great with clean, comfortable 2 lane highways. However, the Mumbai-Pune expressway is still a league apart.