Its wicked to be lost In this world’s beauty seeing more than was meant to wanting more than i should needing more than am given still hungry for more I see reality from time to time and the plight of the fools in that realm if given a choice by Him someday I think I […]

Mera Desh

Lately i have been thinking more about why some countries forge ahead economically and socially while others are left behind. Obviously there is the factor of time and the starting point, so to speak. You cant really compare America and India can you? Or India and Bangladesh for that matter. In the post-colonial world, each […]

I am in Love

With this song from a not-so-old Indian movie – Refugee. Mere Humsafar Its one of the 1400 hindi songs on my playlist, most of which I havent even heard ever and randomly it came up and then it struck. The music, the lyrics, the voice. Man it’s amazing how an ever-fleeting emotion like love can […]

Paradise Lost

once there was a land of dreams and wishes with hopes and wants desire and riches many a day have i played in that hay for life was beautiful could it be any other way? now the sand has slipped through my fingers and those thoughts transformed into the needs of the day must live […]


‘The waves of thoughts and emotions that you experience in life’ is the literal translation of the word from Sanskrit. It is the information that you acquire daily before you assimilate it into knowledge or Jnana*. I went through a number of thoughts and ideas myself, before I wrote this piece. How should I write […]