Gates & Jobs @ D5

This is nothing short of a historic meetup – two icons of the World today (not just the tech world) Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The two met at the D5: All Things Digital – The Wall Street Journal Executive Conference and sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. The conversation is simply engrossing, a must see for everybody!. I have been seeing the full videos over at Gizmodo, but I wanted to keep it here for reference also. Continue reading for all the 7 videos.
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20 Hour Work Week by 2015

Web Worker Daily talks about a Prentice report which talks about an interesting possibility for the future employee. The quality of life will become a greater aspect of how people approach employment and work. Using latest technologies, tele-commuting to work and working for less hours more productively – 20 hours per week. For a long time, people have been conjecturing about the benefits of working in your pajyamas in a virtual office and just getting things done. But, to put it in perspective of hours and minutes, I find it fascinating to know how HR will deal with possibly more number of workers putting in lesser hours but more productive ones.
On the worker side of things, the reality of living in a combined computing environment will make it harder (?) to draw the line between work and personal. This will mean more control for the average worker and that will necessitate further innovation. Networking, connectivity, data compatibility will be just a small percentage of business opportunities that should open up.


There has been a lot of talk about Lifestreams in the recent months. There are a bunch of services out there that can handle this, like Jaiku and iStalkr even sites like Tumblr can handle all the various feeds from different sites and show them on your tumblr blog. People are doing things with Yahoo! Pipes and posting the single rss feed into their Facebook profiles and what not.
There is a lot of talk whether your facebook status, twitter updates, blog posts, comments, diggs, faves, flickr photos and everything else out there should be consolidated into one page.  Its not that we do not do these things online or leave our online crumbs for somebody to follow, already. It’s just putting all this together isn’t something that appeals to the paranoid. This is the same bunch of people who threw a fit when Google Mail or gmail (as we have come to love it now) launched and declared that they would be placing contextual ads by indexing our mails.
For the rest of us, who are with it – check out Lifestream Blog.

Shower Rules

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This video is hilarious, but it does an awesome job at highlighting some differences between men and women.

springtime blues

Espresso Bar
I dont know whats going on but I feel like suddenly life has slowed down. The past few weeks seemed to have flown by compared to the present. But that’s always the case isn’t it. I can’t stop dreaming about the upcoming summer.


This photo was taken in Toronto on Queen’s Quay next to my old condominium place. There were a bunch of swans next to Second Cup and my son was just enamored by these beautiful birds. I obviously busted out my Pentax K100D and got snapping. Somehow, I did not even want to put this photo in the post-processing queue in my favorite RAW + HDR softwares. But I did.
I didn’t even like this outcome so much, but my best friend did. I didn’t think the photo was that special, but I put it up on Flickr anyway. I was surprised by how many people saw it, favorited it and commented on it.
The choices we try to make, we try to rationalize all our options and go for what we like best. But somehow in the end, things always feel out of our hands. I don’t know if I can fully admit to believing in a grand plan, but one thing I am sure of is that all the choices are not ours.

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

Tonight Bill Gates showed up at the Daily Show with John Stewart. This is definitely one of my top 3 shows. Who doesn’t love the whole Gates saga, right? Sure Gates doesn’t have the fanatic fandom of the head honcho of Apple, Inc. but he is no slouch in either the marketing department or a staggering product lineup. Whether it was Windows 3.1, 95, 98, (lets forget ME), XP and now Vista; Windows Mobile that has evidently licked Palm; Xbox that by it’s second version has (in my humble opinion) shown up the previous front-runner (Sony Blu-ray toting what?!); I wish I had more love for Zimbra, but its all about Exchange as far as I am concerned; and not even going to mention the Might Office. The list doesn’t end.
I remember seeing Gates launch the original Xbox at Times Square NYC, followed by the crazy mid-desert launch of 360. His coming out on the Daily Show with Stewart is another example that isn’t an old dog that can’t learn. Gates being whoever he is (and he isn’t the devil) does what he has to for his products. Sure, I now have a Mac (cause I love Aperture and Adobe Lightroom sucks) and my past 3 recommendations to friends buying new laptops/desktops has been OS X (Macbook and Mac Minis rock!). But I swear by their products, at least the ones I use, and somehow I imagine stat-to-stat Jobs wishes he was in Gates’ league.

Jumping Moves

Jump Jump
Its pretty weird what happens sometimes when you are in a rush. Something that you do again and again and is second nature to you can be completely ignored. I was recently purchasing a new lens for my precious Pentax K100D – Pentax 50mm f/1.7 Manual and I couldn’t find the right deal. So I ended up bidding on and purchasing a Pentax 50mm f/2.0 M instead. Only in the rush to close the deal I didn’t realize that the person only accept money orders and my natural scam alert didn’t go off as well. I obviously am not going to be completing this transaction, rather get a negative than lose $65, right? But I did end up buying another 50mm f/1.7 M for now. Waiting with baited breath.