& CBS

Om Malik has a very interesting post over at GigaOm regarding the acquisition by the old media behemoth – CBS:  It is a community of like-minded (or same taste) music lovers that continues to grow. To distort a cliché, let a billion radio stations boom. CBS could start making money with the obvious business […]


There has been a lot of talk about Lifestreams in the recent months. There are a bunch of services out there that can handle this, like Jaiku and iStalkr even sites like Tumblr can handle all the various feeds from different sites and show them on your tumblr blog. People are doing things with Yahoo! […]


This photo was taken in Toronto on Queen’s Quay next to my old condominium place. There were a bunch of swans next to Second Cup and my son was just enamored by these beautiful birds. I obviously busted out my Pentax K100D and got snapping. Somehow, I did not even want to put this photo […]