Street Art

Toronto has many hidden street-art gems all over the place. This one I found on the Queen East strip. Taken with Pentax K100D and HDRed using Photomatix + Photoshop. There is a love-hate relationship between the city’s street artists and everybody else. Not all of them care for the beauty of this artform. I can […]

Heads Up

One of the coolest things I like about photography is that it makes me walk with my eyes sharp and head up. Otherwise I find myself pacing to my next destination single-minded and making sure that I don’t trip on anything. With a camera in my hand, I try to keep on top of what’s […]

Flickr Projects

Flickr has come a long way since it’s launch and even its Yahoo buyout. One of the coolest things I like about the site is it’s community and the creativity it cultivates. Only recently have I started playing around with its Groups section and there are some real crazy ones to jump into. Everything from […]