Whoa! Nelly

message in the lights
I was lucky enough to enjoy the Nelly Furtado concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto with my best friend. The lights started going crazy right before she came on and I had to take a time lapse photo of it. I wish I could have held it steadier, but it had to do.

Street Art

Toronto has many hidden street-art gems all over the place. This one I found on the Queen East strip. Taken with Pentax K100D and HDRed using Photomatix + Photoshop.
There is a love-hate relationship between the city’s street artists and everybody else. Not all of them care for the beauty of this artform. I can understand when this ‘art’ is on the windows of houses and store fronts, it crosses personal and social boundaries. But for every other time, can’t we all just get along?

Coffee Cups and Hearts

Espresso Bar
Toronto has such hidden gems of coffee bars. This HDR was taken at a new joint on Queen East. What is it about foam and hearts? Do they always make the drink taste better? I dont know, but this place made some good coffee.

Heads Up

My Backyard
One of the coolest things I like about photography is that it makes me walk with my eyes sharp and head up. Otherwise I find myself pacing to my next destination single-minded and making sure that I don’t trip on anything. With a camera in my hand, I try to keep on top of what’s in front of me as well around me. What if I walk by something and end up missing a good photo-op?
That’s what happened with this photo. Its taken at the base of the CN Tower on Bremner Boulevard, Toronto. Its ‘my backyard’, as it were. I walk through these everyday but never noticed how red they look in the evening with the neon glow from the Rogers Centre and some street signage. Just got my SMC Pentax-M 50mm f/1.7 Manual Lens & Maha C-9000 Charger with 4 2700mah batteries. So my Pentax K100D ‘starter’ kit is finally complete (dont use the stock 18-55mm lens as much).

Jumping Moves

Jump Jump
Its pretty weird what happens sometimes when you are in a rush. Something that you do again and again and is second nature to you can be completely ignored. I was recently purchasing a new lens for my precious Pentax K100D – Pentax 50mm f/1.7 Manual and I couldn’t find the right deal. So I ended up bidding on and purchasing a Pentax 50mm f/2.0 M instead. Only in the rush to close the deal I didn’t realize that the person only accept money orders and my natural scam alert didn’t go off as well. I obviously am not going to be completing this transaction, rather get a negative than lose $65, right? But I did end up buying another 50mm f/1.7 M for now. Waiting with baited breath.

Flickr Projects

multiplicity.jpg jumping.jpg
Flickr has come a long way since it’s launch and even its Yahoo buyout. One of the coolest things I like about the site is it’s community and the creativity it cultivates. Only recently have I started playing around with its Groups section and there are some real crazy ones to jump into. Everything from Recipes to Black & White to Transit to City Specific to ‘Projects‘. One such project that I am looking to get my brand spanking new camera ‘dirty’ with is the Jumping Project. The other one that I have my eyes on is the Multiplicity group (no connection with the 1996 Michael Keaton starrer), some of the photos in this group are so out-there yet well-executed that you forget that these are professionally done.

Pentax K100D

Pentax K100D
After three years of loving and learning a Fixed Lens Prosumer Camera (the beautiful G3), I am upgrading to a Pentax K100D with the stock 18-55mm Lens. I hope to get it clicking by this coming Monday. A lot more photos and a mini-review coming soon.

Flickr Favorites – Listen to us?

I love Flickr. I mean who doesn’t? Forget the fact that Facebook.com has more than 5 million photos uploaded daily. Flickr rocks!
But what the hell is Yahoo! upto? Why aren’t they listening to the community? Why aren’t we getting what we want from one of the most popular photography communities in the world, when we give so much to it? I want my Favorites in rss feeds, I want to have full screen slideshows, I want to have better searching and browsing through results.
What do you want from Flickr?