Top Mac OS X Leopard Apps

I guess we all have our own list of Mac Apps, here’s mine:

adium.jpgAdium – Multiple IM support. Wish it supported video

alarmclock-copy.jpgAlarm Clock – A simple mp3 alarm clock tied into iTunes

aperture.jpgAperture – Nothing beats this pro photography app

azureus.jpgAzureus – Old habits die hard. No other torrent software allows this level of control.

comicbooklover-copy.jpgComicBookLover – Nice way to manage and view my huge comic collection

appicon.jpgDeskshade – Lock your desktop and show off your wallpapers in a jiffy

entourage.jpgEntourage – When I am not using gmail, this is one I turn to

logo-do-firefox.jpgFirefox – The only browser that matters. ‘Nuff said.

ical.jpgiCal – The funnest calendar app and its free from Apple

logo-copy.jpgInsomniaX – The only way I know to disable the sleep mode on my Macbook

marsedit.jpgMarsEdit – When I need to just write something and publish it, this is my goto app

menucalendariconsmaller.gifMenuCalendarClock – Quick and Easy way to get to my daily meetings

netnewswire.jpgNetNewsWire – A desktop rss feed reader above the rest

adobe-photoshop-cs3-icon-tutorial-14304593.jpgPhotoshop – The be-all-end-all of photo editing apps

secret_folder_icon.gifSecret Folder – Simple and easy way to keep my private folders private

skitchSkitch – Screenshots, graphical notes, design ideas, doodling and sharing all the fun stuff like you couldn’t even imagine before

textmate.jpgTextMate – I don’t know why it’s addictive, but it is and versatile to boot