iPhone @ WWDC – Why are they not loving it?

I don’t get why the world is not in love with the iPhone even more. Yeah I know, that’s almost impossible. But what is this outrage over no SDK? It takes Web Apps and AJAX apps. Waitaminnit –
We can write our own apps on our favorite phone.
Such apps are crazy easier to write compared to all traditional apps. And I can get what I want on my phone. Sure, I wont write everything that I will crave. But, there are thousands of experienced coders out there who will. Its going to be awesome. Imagine Greasemonkey gone ape crazy on the iPhone. I can’t browsing Flickr without the Auto-Pagination and Instant Zoom scripts buzzing smoothly on Firefox. I can’t stop thinking about what all we can do on that beautiful little screen.
Let’s just get over the fact that Jobs & Co have not kept this awesome device locked up only for the hardcore coders. That is big news! B-I-G!